LA VIEILLE PRUNE 42º - Bottle 700ml
DISTILLERIE LOUIS ROQUE - Souillac, Dordogne, France

La Vieille Prûne, literally The Old Prune, is a plum brandy. It is made by crushing three varieties of fresh plums: Ente (a red plum used for Pruneau d'Agen), Mirabelle (yellow plums most famous in the Lorraine) and Reine-Claude (green plums grown all over France). The pits are removed and the resultant juice is fermented so that plum wine is created. This wine is then distilled twice in a copper pot (like cognac). After the second distillation, the alcohol reaches 70% alcohol by volume.
The spirit is then placed in 400 liter oak casks, and with time, it begins to gain color and lose its alcohol. Little by little, water is added to further reduce its alcohol level to 42%. After being aged for a minimum of four years, it is bottled with a cork. All bottles are waxed by hand.

From its light amber color come complex aromas and flavors of fresh plums, pit fruits (cherry, plums), a touch of vanilla, orange peel and spice. A real treat!